The cost for breakfast is $1.50, milk is $0.60, student (K-8) lunch is $3.50, entree seconds are $1.90, adult lunch is $4.00, and PreS/PreK lunch is $2.25.

Students from K-8th can receive a Breakfast of hot and cold items 7:10 am-7: 25 am.  To view the breakfast menu, please click Breakfast Menu 2019-2020

Students who are on the free/reduced lunch program will not be charged for breakfast.

To download the March 2020 lunch menu, please click March 2020 Lunch Menu

The cost per child lunch is $3.50. This cost includes an 8 oz. carton of milk of their choice (chocolate skim, white skim, white 1%). All hot lunches also include the selections that are offered in the Salad Bar (lettuce, carrots, sweet peppers, ham cubes, croutons, cottage cheese, salad dressings, available fresh fruits, and vegetables). The milk choice is also available to all students who bring their lunch from home at a cost of $.60 per carton.

Parents and families can pay for school lunches by sending cash or checks to the school office, or to make a payment online through Vanco, please click here.

Steps for viewing your child’s lunch account may be found here: Educate Steps for viewing Lunch Account

Applications for free/reduced price meals are available the day of school registration, from the kitchen manager at St. Raphael Catholic School, or the form can be downloaded from the link below and turned in to the front office. A new application is required each year and can be requested at any time during the school year. If there is a significant life change during the year, a new application can be completed.

To download the Free/Reduced meal form, click on the PDF below:

English 2019-20 Application for Educational Benefits Packet SNP 055492

2019-20 Application for Educational Benefits Packet – Spanish 040322

Parents and/or guardians who have children with special dietary needs should contact the school nurse at St. Raphael’s School.  Accommodations will be made wherever possible.

Parents and guardians are invited to visit their child’s lunchroom at any time. If you would like to have lunch with your child, please contact the school kitchen at 763-504-9450 ext. 354 the day before or morning of your planned visit.

If you have any questions please contact Carolyn Pugh, St. Raphael Catholic School Cafeteria Coordinator.

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