Everyone knows that schools have a big job to do and too few resources with which to accomplish the work. Volunteers are often one of the answers to this problem. Our volunteers play a HUGE role in helping our school on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

From the front office to the classroom to the outside campus, before school, after school, and on weekends – volunteers can assist us with a wide range of activities. And in doing so, they often engage with our students and their families, ease the burden on our staff, and reap a host of benefits to themselves.

A significant part of what makes St. Raphael Catholic School a success is the time and talent put forth by parents of our students. With the help of these volunteers, so many extra projects get completed, so many opportunities for field trips can be extended to the students, and so many special events at school can be achieved.  Whatever your talents may be, they can be put to good use when offered to our school. Perhaps you have a creative flair, a knack for numbers, or just some great organizational skills. Many times, just extra hands are needed to pass things out to the students or get packets put together.

If you are interested in volunteering at the school, please click HERE prior to the event.

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