Our school has a very strong commitment to the fine arts. Music education is guided by the MN Standards for the Arts. Standards are reached through performance of music individually as well as in both small and large groups. Techniques of Kodaly and Orff methods of music education are used to develop skills.

Students are then able to take what they have learned and begin performing. Students have the opportunity to sing in choir during Thursday’s school masses and during various Sunday Masses as well as at other community events throughout the year.

The choir meets after school.


St. Raphael Catholic School is fortunate to have instructors from Totino-Grace Fine Arts Academy offer band and orchestra lessons at St. Raphael. Orchestra begins in 3rd grade and students can join the band in 4th grade. To register for band or orchestra, or for more information, go to https://www.totinograce.org/academics/fine-arts-academy. Information about instrument rental can be found at www.eckroth.com. Please see the program flyers for more information.


From September 15 through May 15, piano lessons are available to students in second through eighth grade. Lessons are 30 minutes long. Children will not be pulled from Academic Classes for Piano. The Piano teacher will arrange to meet with your child for their piano lessons during recess, a non-academic class, or after school. The students prepare for a recital each spring. For more information please contact Donna Bowen or the school office at 763-504-9450 or [email protected].

St. Raphael provides Spanish language instruction for grades 1-8. The primary goal of our classes is to spread enthusiasm for the Spanish language while providing a rich exposure to its many cultures. In addition to building a passion for language in students, the middle school course also prepares students for high school Spanish as previous knowledge is built upon to introduce more complex vocabulary and sentence structures.

A quality Physical Education program is so very important to our well being in our everyday lives. Our Lord was a perfect example to us as many times he went on long walks to pray to his Father in heaven, and went on many fishing trips with his Apostles. We believe that every person is a temple of the Holy Spirit and we want to find ways in our classroom to bring honor to God for the gift of life.

Physical Education is the phase of general education that assists in the total growth development of each child, primarily through selective experience of body movements, and physical activities. In our Physical Education classroom, a healthy body can bring a healthy mind. Our class lessons are intended to help our body, mind, and heart through our lessons we teach each day.

Our K- 8 curriculum is based on the Spark Education (Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids) program. This program was initiated as a counter to heart disease and to help promote a healthy life style in our students every day lives. Sparks classes are very active and the major focus is to help promote physical activity, skill building, cardiovascular fitness, and to help increase large and small motor skills in the classroom. Our curriculum has pre-planned activities with both a scope and sequence written into each unit and our daily lesson plans. A faithful development of searching for ways to help each child best the best they can be all that God intended them to be.

In Christ’s Love,
Mr. Johnson

Click HERE to learn more about SPARK.


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