St. Raphael Catholic School welcomes the Healey Education Foundation

On August 29, 2019, St. Raphael’s Pastor, Fr. Michael Rudolph, and the Principal of St. Raphael Catholic School, Cheryl Aviña, signed an agreement to work with the Healey Educational Foundation. This organization partners with Catholic Pre-K to 12 schools in a number of archdioceses and dioceses around the USA, providing human, informational and financial resources to help schools develop their full potential, free of charge.

The Healey Education Foundation—along with local partners the Catholic Community Foundation and GHR Foundation, which have already given a lot of assistance to St. Raphael Catholic School—will provide funding and training for a full-time development director for the school, as well as help in the hiring process.

The Healey Educational Foundation will also help the school administration set up a “Board of Specified Jurisdiction” that will take the place of the current School Advisory Council. The responsibilities of this Board will include determining the school budget and tuition, coming up with the school strategic plan, managing enrollment, fundraising planning and fundraising participation, and supporting the principal and pastor (who are part of the Board.) With the help of the Healey Educational Foundation, Board members will be drawn from the wider community, not just those currently involved in St. Raphael Parish or School. The Board will also select the principal, should that position become open. (Mrs. Aviña has committed to staying here through the 2020-2021 School Year.)

The School will continue to be a ministry of the Church of St. Raphael. The Principal will continue to be the chief administrator of the school and will hire and supervise all school staff. The Pastor will continue to have the role of ensuring the Catholic identity of the school and overseeing the religious education of students.

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